We’re your
future team.

Our Story

Third Act Wealth Management was founded by Nick Lalonde in Dallas, TX, in 2023.

While working for more than a decade with business owners and their families, Nick noticed the financial services market was not meeting some of his clients’ real needs. People have many assets beyond financial success—life satisfaction, personal growth, education, business acumen, and so much more.

We believe retirement should be the pinnacle of enjoyment, ongoing growth, and success. Our proprietary approach considers our clients’ many assets to plot their best path forward.

Our Mission

We work with our clients to identify their next adventure—then plan for it—so they can squeeze the most juice out of post-work life.

Our Story

Third Act Wealth Management refers to the third phase of life—the retirement years. Some enjoy retirement, some don’t. The difference between the two is living a fulfilling life. We’ve helped clients find  opportunity, growth, and satisfaction through our proprietary processes.

Our Approach

Does retirement sound dull and meaningless? What will you do with your knowledge, energy, and business experience?

The financial planning industry places a heavy focus on the numbers aspect of retirement, but financial independence alone doesn’t bring happiness. Many retirees who have plenty of money are still unfulfilled.

Third Act Wealth Management puts your future, untapped potential at the center of our 5-step financial planning process.

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Your life is a journey.

Let’s plan it together.