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Retire the word retire.

We partner with business owners and people at the top of their trade who don’t want the recliner-and-casserole type of retirement. They know there’s more to do, more things to see, and more life to live.

Focus on your future.

We help organize your finances so you can continue to grow, discover new passions, and find fresh success.

Plan soit happens.

If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. We’ve got a broad range of tools and processes to help plot your best course and keep you on track.

Our Approach

Does retirement sound dull and meaningless? What will you do with your knowledge, energy, and business experience?
The financial planning industry places a heavy focus on the numbers aspect of retirement, but financial independence alone doesn’t bring happiness. Many retirees who have plenty of money are still unfulfilled.
Third Act Wealth Management puts your future, untapped potential at the center of our 5-step financial planning process.

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Our Services

Offer your employees an exceptional 401(k) partner. Take a breather—we’ll handle it for you.

Proactive contact

You won’t have to chase us down.

  1. Team education
  2. Vendor communication management
  3. Employee empowerment

Engaging process

We’re your cheerleaders.

  1. Regular assessment meetings
  2. Ongoing 401(k) education campaigns
  3. Quarterly investment reviews
  4. Compliance reviews

Brand alignment

You’re the best, so offer the best.

  1. Assessment of plan costs and services
  2. Negotiate fees and services
  3. Benchmark the 401(k) annually
  4. Facilitate vendor introductions

Relationship Management

We act as your relationship manager to coordinate outside professionals for a cohesive experience.

  1. Client relationship management
  2. Professional network management

Investment Consulting

We manage all investment elements to maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them.

  1. Portfolio performance analysis
  2. Risk evaluation
  3. Asset allocation
  4. Assessment of impact of costs
  5. Assessment of impact of taxes

Advanced Financial PlanninG

Wealth Enhancement

  • Tax mitigation
  • Cash flow planning

Wealth Transfer

  • Transferring wealth effectively; may not be within a family

Wealth Protection

  • Risk mitigation
  • Legal structures
  • Transferring risk to insurance company

Charitable Giving

  • Maximizing charitable impact


Third Act Wealth Management was founded by Nick Lalonde in 2023. Based in Dallas, TX, we’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars through serving successful business owners, professionals, and their families. Nick has worked for two of the largest financial planning firms for nearly a decade. He focused on serving his clients well and, as a byproduct, finished in the top 1% for growth out of nearly 18,000 advisors over the past five years with his prior firm (2018-2022).People at the top of their trade often have difficulty with traditional retirement. Going from an intense career to a full stop is a challenge. Our proprietary processes navigate that shift, and identify  new areas of community and engagement beyond retirement. We help our clients squeeze the most of juice out of their next season in life.

Your life is a journey.

Let’s plan it together.